That's a wrap!  Thank you to all who attended and participated in making this an unforgettable event!  It was wonderful reconnecting with you!

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FIFEC is happy to announce the opening or our Interactive SPONSORS page featuring the many skilled and talented firms who support FIFEC and are committed to providing you with the utmost, excellent service to assist in the fight against insurance fraud.

Each firm’s logo is an interactive link that will launch our sponsors’ websites and allow you to explore the multitude of services they offer to assist with your investigations. Click here to visit our SPONSORS page now.

Want to be a 2022 FIFEC Sponsor? Visit our sponsors page and click the green button to learn more about sponsorship options.


The FIFEC conference affords an excellent opportunity for our exhibitors to meet the attendees from many different companies and agencies and discuss how their services can positively impact investigations. Several events occur within the Exhibitor Hall to encourage engagement.  Join us next year!

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The Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC) has finished accepting nominations for Law Enforcement Insurance Fraud Fighter of the Year, Insurance Industry Fraud Fighter of the Year, The Guy E. “Sandy” Burnette Insurance Fraud Fighter Team Award and The Jerry Zappolo Distinguished Service Award.Click HERE to see last year's and previous years' recipients.

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The Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC) began its formal existence as the DIF/SIU Annual Training Seminar representing the Florida Department of Insurance’s Division of Insurance Fraud and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) community in 1992 at Altamonte Springs.


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Looking for CE or CLE information?  Interested in taking the next CIFI test?  Looking for information on previous years' credits?  This page is your one-stop shop for all things regarding education credits for FIFEC.


FIFEC is a not for profit educational entity whose mission is to provide high quality educational training opportunities at the lowest cost possible.  FIFEC offers a limited number of conference grants available to law enforcement, government investigators, prosecutors who are engaged in the fight against insurance fraud.  Grant applications are no longer being accepted for the conference.

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We love hearing from professionals in the insurance fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution disciplines.   Working collectively to share and learn is the key to winning the fight against insurance fraud.  If appropriate, we ask potential conference speakers to consider including a Special Investigation Unit representative as a co-presenter.  Please check back in October 2022 for opportunities to speak at our 2023 conference.

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FIFEC is a joint effort between the Florida Division of Investigative and Forensic Services (DIFS) and the Special Investigation Units of the Insurance Industry to facilitate communication and education.  The Division of Investigative and Forensic Services of the Florida Department of Financial Services (hereafter referred to as DIFS) and the Special Investigation Units of the Insurance Industry have formed this organization to:

1. Coordinate and host an annual conference featuring training by insurance fraud professionals to educate attendees in identifying, investigating, and prosecuting fraudulent insurance practices.

2. Facilitate attendance at the annual insurance fraud educational conference by providing grants to law enforcement officials, state insurance investigators, fire marshals, local, state, and federal prosecutors, and personnel in various governmental agencies.

3. Encourage communication, networking and coordinated efforts within the insurance industry and law enforcement community to combat insurance fraud by participating in activities approved by the FIFEC Executive Committee.


The Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC) has obtained trademark registrations for their trademarks, both the stylized mark and the word mark, through the United States Patent and Trademark Office in class 41.


No individual or entity is allowed to use the FIFEC stylized or word marks, without written permission from FIFEC.  

Individuals or entities who use the FIFEC trademarks without written permission will be in violation of the U.S. Lanham Act and Florida Statutes.  

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FIFEC reserves the right to accept or decline any potential applicant, attendee, speaker, exhibitor and/or sponsor at our discretion.  

FIFEC operates in accordance with provisions of Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and with all applicable State laws. FIFEC does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation or disability.


FIFEC is also committed to complying with all application provisions of the Americans Disability Act (“ADA”) and every reasonable effort is made to accommodate special needs when advised that a need exists.