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4-hour law and ethics

FIFEC would like to offer this class during the 2024 Conference.  

Our class sessions are 100-minutes long.  Therefore, we will offer the 4-Hour Law and Ethics update course over two consecutive class sessions.


If a firm has already prepared a 4-hour course that meets Florida’s requirements, the firm may offer the class at FIFEC. There are two options available to a firm in this case: 

1. The firm may present their class at FIFEC and retain all rights to that class. In which case the firm would need to apply to the state for accreditation and the credits would come from the firm and not FIFEC. 

2. The firm may present their class at FIFEC but on the course outline add a line granting authority to FIFEC to present the course on their behalf. The firm’s instructors would present the course, but FIFEC would apply for the accreditation and the credits would come from the FIFEC conference.  


There are 4 main topics, consisting of several sub-topics, which must be included in the course to qualify for CE accreditation:

  1. Regulatory Awareness

  2. Insurance Law and Updates

  3. Ethical Requirements

  4. Disciplinary and Industry Trends


The course outline needs to reflect this content in detail. Please refer to the outline reference guide here  4-Hour Law and Ethics Update Outline Reference Guide


Additional Outline Information:

  • Please list every:

    • statutory and case law,

    • administrative code and

    • regulatory code citations that are relevant to the topics in the course outline.


  • Discussions on laws or cases from other states may be included, as long as there is a direct correlation made to Florida law, cases and/or insurance issues.


  • The outline needs to indicate the amount of time allotted for each segment.


  • There is no specific amount of time that must be spent on each section.


  • One page is required for each 50 minutes of instructional time. Therefore, the outline for this 4-hour course must consist of at least 4 pages.


  • No time may be allotted on the outline for breaks or question and answer, summary or review. The state will not consider those activities as instructional time.


  • At least one speaker in each session must be a Florida approved CE instructor.

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