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TWO Alerts

1) If you received an email from or any company offering you a FIFEC attendee list, please realize that this company is not affiliated with FIFEC and it is most likely a phishing email.

2)We have been notified that a company is calling prior FIFEC attendees about arranging for hotel reservations. Please note that this company is not connected to FIFEC and is not acting on our behalf or on behalf of either of two conference hotels. This may be a phishing attempt.  The only way to secure the guaranteed FIFEC rate is to make your hotel reservation using the link on our Conference Information page. Please do not reply to this call or provide them with your data.


If you are ever unsure if the person contacting you is a FIFEC volunteer, please check the “Contact Us” section on our website, write to someone you know is a FIFEC volunteer or inquire at Thank you, FIFEC Executive Committee.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a FIFEC Exhibitor! 


The FIFEC conference affords an excellent opportunity for our exhibitors to meet the attendees from many different companies and agencies and discuss how their services can positively impact investigations. Several events occur within the Exhibitor Hall to encourage engagement. 


If you would like to reserve a booth space for the 2024 FIFEC conference please complete the online reservation form found below. It will open in a new window and afterward take you to a Stripe page for payment.  After completing payment, you may close that window and return to this site if desired. Please watch for details to be announced soon regarding final application information and booth selection.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding online registration for the 2024 conference, please feel free to contact a member of the Exhibitor Committee below.

Please note that no one, other than the undersigned, is authorized to contact you regarding Exhibiting or Sponsoring at FIFEC. If you receive any communication from someone other than these individuals, please notify (Dana Ferrin at the email below) as this may be a phishing attempt. Thank you.

FIFEC Exhibitors are provided with a copy of the list of attendees who have agreed to share their information, before and after the conclusion of the yearly conference.  Please note that attendee lists are non-transferable and sharing outside of the sponsoring organization is prohibited.

committee contacts


Dana Ferrin


904-466-0571 Office


Phil Rondello

919-759-7638 Office

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