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5-hour law and ethics

FIFEC would like to offer this class during the 2021 Conference.  

Because our class sessions are “two-hours long” (2 combined 50-minutes classes), we will maintain our current schedule by offering the 5-Hour class along with 1 additional hour of elective credit. This would mean that if approved, the 5-Hour course would be offered over 3 class sessions and students that attend all 3 sessions, would earn credit for completing the 5-Hour Course + an hour of elective credit towards satisfying that requirement. 


If a firm has already prepared a 5-Hour course that meets Florida’s requirements, the firm may offer the class at FIFEC. There are two options available to a firm in this case: 

1. The firm may present their class at FIFEC and retain all rights to that class. In which case the firm would need to apply to the state for accreditation and the credits would come from the firm and not FIFEC. 

2. The firm may present their class at FIFEC but on the course outline add a line granting authority to FIFEC to present the course on their behalf.  The firm’s instructors would present the course, but FIFEC would apply for the accreditation and the credits would come from the FIFEC conference. 


There are 4 main topics comprised of several components.  This is what must be considered when preparing a course outline in order to secure proper accreditation:

• Please list every statutory and case law citation, Administrative code cites and any other regulatory citations on the course outline.  
• Discussions on laws or cases from other states may be included, as long as there is a direct correlation made to Florida law, cases and/or insurance issues.
• The outline needs indicate the time allotted for each segment.  
• One page is required for each 50 minutes of instructional time.  Therefore, if you will be presenting the entire 5-Hour course + the extra elective credit, the outline needs to be 6 pages long with 300 total minutes of instructional time.  If the class will be presented by 3 separate speakers as a “bundled” course, then each one must present a 2 page outline totaling 100 minutes of instructional time.
• There is no specific amount of time that has to be spent on each section.  If a speaker opts to spend 2 class sessions (200 minutes) on just part “II. Insurance Law and Updates”, the other 3 main topics may be covered in the remaining time. 
• The outline may not specify that any time is dedicated to a review or question and answer period.  
• At least one speaker in each session must be a Florida approved instructor.  


Regulatory Resource Guide

5-Hour Law and Ethics Update – with Resource Guide references